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12-Nov-2017 13:34

There has been no other performer who has had such a big influence on me. It happens naturally, because we grow, and we move on.What used to have an impact becomes trivial, because we have absorbed its message, and have learned our lessons.I tried to stay cheerful when I thought the time of goodybe came.Josh is a wonderful person and I would always cherish that, but if the time came to let go of the side of him that used to play such a crucial role in my life, I would do it.I was growing, and I was learning my lessons all this time – through other experiences, theatre, music, literature, psychology, etc. And I stopped listening to his music, because I felt no need to hear his voice.came out earlier in February this year (when I think about it, I find the sweet coincidence of months very satisfying – it’s as if he decided to catch my attention on our “anniversary” once again – I know I’m reaching but this thought pleases me, so indulge me, will you?!This year has been the first since 2007 when I didn’t commemorate february, which was the month when I heard Josh Groban sing for the first time.

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I impulsively decided to skip this tour altogether. I thought I’d make an adult decision and not see him live, for the first time since the “Awake” tour.

I accepted this fact as a natural occurence in life, and I was grateful for two things.